Thursday, 27 August 2015

East meets the West at Holy Crab Bar and Restaurant

I was quite surprised to discover that Holy Crab are doing an “East Meets West” menu in conjunction with The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Hong Kong and The Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao available from now until the 16th of September 2015
The menu features 4 Western, 4 Eastern and 2 Specialty Cocktails.

The Western menu uses Canadian seafood and ingredients, created by Salient Group’s Executive Chef Mark Kerkstra while the Eastern menu has been created by Chef Cuisinier of the French Embassy in Bangkok, Chalee Kader referred by The Royal Thai Consulate of Hong Kong.

To be honest, I have a Western palatte so I was naturally attracted to the Western choices, however the locals will probably like the Eastern menu because it uses a lot of lemongrass and Asian spices, although the soup looks good.

Dungeness Crab Popover ($140)

British Columbia Dungeness Crab and Gruyere Cheese popover with a Cajun Honey Gastrique.
I liked these crispy chewy popovers filled with crabmeat and cheese!
Canard Poutine ($230)

Duck Fat Gravy with Duck Confit, Quebec Foie Gras and Gruyere Cheese over Duck Fat Fries.
This was my favourite West dish because of the melted cheese!
Sinfully delicious cheesy fries and foie gras!
Crown and Maple Canadian Seafood Trio ($200)

British Columbia Cherry Stone Clams, Nova Scotia Lobster Tail and Bay of Fundy Jumbo Scallops baked in a Bacon, Crown Royal and Quebec Maple Syrup Glaze.
This was a sweet seafood delight because it was topped with crispy maple syrup glazed bacon bits.
Pond and Pasture Grits ($200)

Coffee Grilled Ontario Pork Loin and Tiger Prawns with Cajun style Cheddar Cheese Grits.
The pork was succulent and juicy paired with creamy cheese grits.
North ($200)

Kao Soy - Prawns in northern Thai curry and spices, with flat egg noodles, garnished with crispy noodles, pickled mustard leaves, shallots, and chili oil.
This was too spicy for my tastebuds.
North East ($180)

Papaya Salad and salted duck egg - served with grilled lemongrass chicken and sticky rice.
This was refreshing but very spicy.
Central ($388)

Crab and Curry Powder - stir fry Swimming Crab with curry powder, chili oil, eggs and celery.
This was surprisingly good because it was curried crab meat on top of rice so it was really convenient to eat.
It would taste even better if it was not so salty.
South ($120)

Chicken Turmeric Soup - free-range chicken boiled with turmeric root, chili and coriander.
I loved this soup because of the strong turmeric and lemon flavours.
Lychee Delight ($85)

A vodka-based cocktail using lychee juice, topped off with champagne, representing the East.
Royal Maple ($85)

A gin-based cocktail using pineapple juice and sweet Canadian maple syrup with a hint of ginger, topped off with champagne, representing the West.

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