Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Great condiments and broths for hotpots at Dragon Court Premium HotPot Cuisine

Hotpots can be boring when the broth and condiments are just the typical items.
I liked it here because there are some unique dipping sauces for the hotpot

There were other options as well as hotpots such as the roast suckling pig, plump meaty goose and sashimi.

Here was what we had:
Fresh Chinese yam with blueberry sauce:

Started off with fresh boiled Chinese yam which has a starchy texture complimented by the sweet blueberry sauce.
Crispy pork belly:

Next we had the crispy pork belly which were cut neatly into cubes.
The pork skin was crispy and the layers of fat and pork were even that it gave it a soft and meaty texture.
Roasted goose:

The goose was served in a glass dish and it the goose meat was velvety.
Roasted suckling pig:

The suckling pig was served sizzling on black pebbles which kept it hot.

The pork was soft and tender that it almost melted in your mouth.

Double boiled whelk and peach tree gum soup:

I liked this clear soup because there was a strong whelk taste and there were bits of glistening peach tree gum which is resin from peach trees.

This was a fresh platter of assorted sashimi.
My favourites were the salmon and scallop.
After we finished the starters, it was time for hotpot and the first thing you do is mix your sauce.

They have minced dried prawn paste which is different.

There is also grated galangal (sand ginger) and crispy XO sauce.
I definitely recommend lots of galangal because it has an aromatic taste and makes everything in the hotpot taste good.

Chinese drunken chicken broth:

For the broth we had the drunken chicken which had a strong Chinese herb taste.
It got sweeter because of the red dates.

Here were the items we put in our hotpot.

Deluxe marble beef slices:

Sea cucumber with prawn roe dumplings:

Assorted minced platter:

Black and white cuttlefish balls:



The fish was great because they gave you the WHOLE FISH.
Personally I think the head, fins and the tail taste the best.

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