Thursday, 27 August 2015

Revisiting JAR Just-a-Restaurant

Since my last visit, the Chef has changed so I was glad to see some different dishes on the menu.
Smoked salmon and blue crab salad:

The salad was a bit different because I found it tasting quite savoury because the crab meat had a briny taste.
Olives with white anchovies:

I love white anchovies and they were soaked in vinegar which made them really appetizing.
Spanish cold cut platter:

(Serrano ham, chorizo, olive and Manchego cheese)
My favourites had to be the cheese and olives.
Braised octopus and pearl onion with red wine sauce:

The octopus had sweet taste which was drenched in this lovely wine sauce.
Chorizo croquette:

The croquettes were creamy with potato mash in the middle.
Fried padron peppers with garlic and sea salt:

These are a classic.
Delicious peppers sprinkled with sea salt that brings out the flavour.
Chili garlic prawns:

The prawns were springy topped with aromatic crispy garlic.
Spanish octopus in garlic olive oil:

The octopus was springy with lovely olive oil and garlic flavouring.
Pan fried crab cake with garlic mayo:

The fried crab was a bit different, there was quite a lot of potato in it just like the Chorizo croquette above.
Pideua with seafood:

As a carbs lover, the rice was tasty because it has absorbed all the seafood flavours with a hint of tomato.
I loved the pideua which is super mini sized macaroni and you can see how tiny they are right next to the fettucine.

Fettucine with braised veal cheek in red wine sauce:

The star was the veal cheek which was so gelatinous and soft!
Duck confit:

The duck confit had a crisp duck skin and it was not too salty.
Jar banoffee pie:

The banoffee was loaded with banana infused cream which tasted natrual.
Creme brulee:

The creme brulee was thick and creamy.

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