Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dessert time at Ice Pop

Went here again because my friends wanted to try the icecream with the syringe which I tried earlier.

There were two more different flavours this time so tried it as well.

The lemon cake which I was hoping to try was sold out so tried the yuzu cheesecake and the tropical cheesecake.

[b]Yuzu cheesecake:[/b] and the [b]Tropical cheesecake:[/b]

Both were dense and creamy, but I preferred the tropical because it had a stronger taste.
[b]Apple crumble:[/b]

It was just as nice as before and the taste of the icecream was milky which went well with the delicious apple pieces.
There was a strong ginger and cinnamon taste but it was quite sweet.

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