Monday, November 24, 2014

Simple stop for tofu

Stopped here for some food because I was still hungry.

Had some noodles, tofu in soy sauce and panfried tofu with fish patty.
They had an English menu which was good, but don't worry it is a typo so they won't serve curbs to you but curd!

[b]tofu in soy sauce:[/b]
Loved the soft texture but it was too sweet.

[b]panfried tofu with fish patty:[/b]
Tried these before but they were quite tasteless on this visit but if you just taste the tofu, it was tasty.

It was good that it had pieces of tofu puffs in it but the noodles were not hot enough and a bit too greasy.


[b]The bill:[/b] $45
[b]Service:[/b] OK
[b]Service charge:[/b] no
[b]Yummy factor:[/b] Could be better
[b]Sweetness levels:[/b] bit too sweet
[b]Napkins provided:[/b] no
[b]English Menu:[/b] Yes
[b]Air Conditioning:[/b] Yes

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