Monday, November 10, 2014

Best kept secret for Thai food in Wan Chai

This is the best kept secret for Thai food in the heart of Wan Chai market.

I used go there everyday and the food would be remarkably consistent and delicious.

Here is a showcase of what they have had!!!

Daily special:

This was not on the menu but one of those daily specials which you can see at their counter.
It was pickled vegetables and scrambled egg which tasted unusually good together because the pickled vegetables were appetizing and great with white rice.
Mince with beans and basil:

This was another killer dish because it was delicious as well.
You can order chicken or pork but personally I liked the chicken.
Words cannot describe how good it was because it was spicy, yet you could taste the tones of garlic, chili and basil aroma!
Not to mention the friggin perfectly cooked rice which were distinct grains of rice and the soy sauce that they drizzled on it.
Sour sausage fried rice:

Sour sausage is a fermented sausage which originates from Northeastern Thailand called Sai Krok Isan.
It tasted amazing with fried rice because the sourness balanced the heaviness of the rice and the sourness tastes natrual a like vinegar infused sausage.
Chicken fried rice:

This was just simply fried rice with pieces of chicken.
Again the fried rice was amazing because each grain of rice was fragrant and the chicken was tender and tasty.
Stir fried glass noodles with red beancurd 紅腐乳/南乳:
These glass noodles are addictive!! There are two versions, one is stir fried and the other is in broth.
It was stir fried with so many ingredients that every mouthful is packed with aromatic taste.
There was Chinese celery, chinese white cabbage, morning glory and scrambled egg!

Red bean curd soup with glass noodles 紅腐乳/南乳:

This was the same as above but in red beancurd soup, again it was delicious because I love red beancurd.

They also give you extra red beancurd sauce which was very spicy.

Fried flat noodles:

The noodles were good with a strong Thai basil fragrance.
Crispy pork:

The pork was a bit dry.
The spice house:
19, Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai

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