Sunday, November 09, 2014

Hairy crab delights at HKCEC's New Shanghai

Every time I go to the exhibition centre I am always busy looking at the leaflets to notice any restaurants here.
New Shanghai on the first floor near the entrance.

The restaurant was spacious with high ceilings that you forget you are at the exhibition centre.

That night we had some special dishes from their hairy crab menu.

Here was what we had.

We started off with the soup.
Winter Melon Thick Soup with Hairy Crab

This was a filling soup with a scoop of wintermelon mash in the middle.
It was warming and light with pieces of crab roe in it which was further enhanced by the vinegar.
Steamed hairy crab:

I really liked this place because they helped you the crab.

Within a flash, the crabs were ready to eat.

The crab roe was sinfully delicious just like sticky egg yolk, while the crabmeat was sweet and made even more appetizing when it was dipped in vinegar.
This was an assortment of Sautéed Egg White with Fresh Crab Roe,sautéed Mandarin Fish Slices and crispy prawns coated in salted egg yolk.

Started off with the mandarin fish slices which were silky and delicious, then I had the sauteed egg white which was topped generously with crab roe and crab meat.
I finished off with the crispy prawns which had the strongest flavour coated in delicious fragrant and crispy salty egg yolk that was not too salty.
Fried Hairy Crab with Bean Paste and Glutinous Rice Cake

When this was served, you could smell the lovely aroma of bean paste, each glutinous rice cake was thickly covered in this deliciously sweet and savoury sauce paired with crab roe rich crabs.
Poached garland chrysanthemum vegetables:

I loved the vegetables because it was in delicious broth with shreds of Chinese ham yet the grassy taste of garland chrysanthemum came through.
Steamed Pork Dumpling with Fresh Crab Roe:

The dumplings were perfect with lots of broth inside and fresh minced pork filling.
When I took a bite, the broth oozed out.
ginger tea:

Ginger tea is always served with hairy crabs, it had a nice warming fiery ginger taste without being too sweet.
Dumplings in ginger tea soup:

To finish off, dessert was dumplings in ginger soup. The ginger soup was similar to the ginger tea but the fiery taste was amplified.
L1, HKCEC, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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