Thursday, November 13, 2014

Green Lantern burger : Justice league at Hong Kong's McDonalds

After the launch of the Batman burger and Superman burger, they have now launched the Green Lantern burger.

The last launch was a bit lame because they have paired the Green Lantern with Flash, there is no new drink except for the soup which does not come in any specially designed bowl.

Here is the Green Lantern box.

Green Lantern burger :
Basically it was a potato (hash brown) and beef.

Inside, there was bacon, hash brown, beef patty, honey mustard sauce and sweet black pepper sauce.

Depending how much sauce will affect how sweet the burger is going to be.
I found it really messy to eat and there was no wow factor because it was just a breakfast burger with a beef patty added.

These were Potato wedges which were the usual ones with a flavoured coating and a fluffy centre.

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