Sunday, November 30, 2014

Great all you can eat at Daimanki

I really enjoyed the all you can eat here because it was only $197 per person and you can get your table as early as 6:30pm and dine there for two and a half hours.

The seating was comfortable and the staff were great.

At the back, there is a fridge for drinks and a refrigerator for icecream.

The food selection was good with ordering sheets in English and Chinese.
Although it was a Japanese restaurant, they had some Chinese choices as well such as spicy whelks and sweetcorn soup with bamboo piths.
I started with the sweetcorn soup while I was waiting for the others to arrive and the soup was quite impressive because it was light with a nice sweetcorn taste.

After they arrived, we submitted more order sheets and we tried the following.

The potato salad was good because it was similar to Western potato salads in a creamy mayonnaise that was not sweet.

My next favourite was the hotpot with milk soup because the soup was really nice with a savoury taste packed with sweet Chinese cabbages and tofu.

Then we tried stewed beef tendons which everyone enjoyed because it was soft and gelatinous with a lovely soy taste.
The sashimi and sushi selection was good but we felt that the truffle series were exceptional so we ordered them again.

The oil fish sashimi was my favourite because it tasted similar tuna and each slice of sashimi was thickly sliced.
The whelk slices were also good too.

For hot dishes, we had the skewers and tempura which were done nicely.

For dessert I had creamy milk pudding which was delicious so I am definitely coming back!

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