Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Great hot and sour instant noodles 東門町

There are two different broths at this joint:
-Hot and sour
-Hot Sichuan peppercorn

Tried the Sichuan peppercorn so this time ordered the Hot and Sour broth which I can rarely order because it is always paired with Yunnan rice noodles or potato noodles.

Here they let you choose instant noodles with both broths.
For some weird reason the broth does not say hot and sour on the receipt, but the broth I got was the right one which was ok.

Instant noodles in Hot and sour broth:

The broth was really tasty and heavily spiked with spices with a hint of of sourness.
When the noodles went soft and soaked with broth, it was really delicious and I loved the tasty beancurd skins in it too.

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