Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yun Yan rocks with savoury souffle balls

Tried this place a while ago and the food was delicious and modern.

Yun Yan was recently awarded the well deserved Bib Gourmand status in the latest Michelin guide.

Spicy popcorn:

A great start to dinner with crunchy popcorn with a light kick of spiciness.
sesame pancake:

Each pancake was golden filled with lush spring onions in the middle.
As well as good food, they have their own home made sauces which are amazing especially the mushroom sauce on the bottom left corner.

This was the reason I ordered the sesame pancakes!!!
Sesame pancake with mushroom oil:

As expected, the sesame pancake and the mushroom oil were so delicious together because the pieces of mushrooms had a strong earthy taste which went well with the sesame pancake.
strawberry tofu milkshake:

As dinner progressed, the food got a bit spicy and the strawberry tofu milkshake was a nice cooler.
I loved this tofu milkshake because it was blended with fresh strawberries, the sweetness was just right with the occasional strawberry tartness.
There was a strong soy bean taste too and the tofu that was blended into it contributes to that thickness just like a milkshake.
Dumplings with prawn:

The dumplings were fun to eat because they give you a pipette with vinegar to add when you feel like it.

As you can see the skin was springy and thin yet it held the dumpling together.

The pairing of pork and springy prawn was just delicious.
Savoury souffle balls:

These souffle balls were amazing because they were filled with cheese, mashed potatoes and crab roe!!
They were specially made for the crab roe season

They were delicious as well as filling!!
Finally there is a savoury version that is so yummy.
Hopefully they can create more varieties like filling it with sichuan chicken or beef slices fafter crab season is over.
Dandan noodles:

The dandan noodles took me by surprise because they were spicier than I anticipated and there was a strong hint of Sichuan pepper.
Not many places in Hong Kong serve dandan noodles with Sichuan pepper except for this place and dandan house in Sheungwan.
Jasmine tea:

The Jasmine tea was impressive because it was fragrant with a strong green tea leaf taste.
10/F, Times Square,
1 Matheson Street Causeway Bay.
Tel: 2375 0800

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