Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Iconic, delicious and affordable hot dogs

I love hotdogs but not many places do good hotdogs.
ICONIC H is impressive because they have a great variety of dogs and sauces!!

It was hard deciding which dog to get because there were too many choices.
The dogs are split into two categories 25 or 28, so the 25 costs $25 and the 28 costs $28.

I liked the $28 dogs because for that price it was impressive they had Sundried tomato (chicken), curry frankfurter, chicken and mushroom frank, apple chicken and lamb merguez.

In the end I chose the curry frankfurter and lamb merguez because not many places have it.

For an extra $3, there were some really cool sauces to choose such as truffle mayo, blue cheese and curry ketchup!!!

I chose curry ketchup with the curry frank and blue cheese with the lamb.

So $31 for a specialized dog with gourmet sauces is a real steal!

For snacks, I already had my eyes on the macaroni with cheese and potato smiles.

Here was what we had:
Iconic Salad:

Refreshing salad with crisp lettuce, molten egg and crab, perfect for the summer.
Lamb merguez and blue cheese sauce:

The lamb sausage was tasty with delicious strong blue cheese which complemented each other nicely.
Chicken wings:

These were crispy with a caramelized honey coating and the chicken wings were tasty.
Curry frank with curry ketchup:

As well as the lamb, this was also delicious because the curry frank and the curry ketchup was really nice with a sweet tone followed a curry kick.
The sauce reminds me of UK's McDonalds curry sauce which is also sweet.
I definitely recommend this because not many places have this sauce.
Potato stars:

The locals are definitely going to like these because they are lovely and crispy.
Veal frank with cheese:

Cheese lovers are going to love this because of the thick gooey cheese on top.
Next time I am going to pair it with a chicken frank so that it won't be so heavy.
ginger tea:

To finish off I had the ginger tea which was sweetened appropriately and it had a lovely fiery ginger taste which helped digestion and perfect for me because I don't drink carbonated drinks.
hot chocolate :

My friend tried the hot chocolate which had a rich cocao taste that was not too sweet.
Next time there is a concert, I will be back to try the other sausages, hopefully they can offer a sausage platter with a choice of sauces just like they do in Germany.
Shop 106A, Whampoa Building C Block, 97 Baker Street, Hung Hom

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