Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The best Caribbean food

Caribbean food is popular in the UK but in Hong Kong it is scarce.

Mandy's Private Kitchen has been in Hong Kong for years but I did not discover it until now because Mandy used to cater private dinners and now she has a lovely restaurant in Sai Kung.
According to the SCMP, Mandy Nathali started her private kitchen in 2010 which serves Caribbean and Trinidadian food.

Shortly after this place opened, Rummin' Tings opened in Central but the food here has so much passion and love in it.

Anyway, I came here a few times because there were so many things I wanted to try.

When the food came, I had the same excitement as I did with African food because it was colourful and spicy.

Here were all the things I ate!!

Sorrel punch HKD$40:

This non alcoholic punch is made with hibiscus so it has a rosy taste.
Not the beverage for me because I can't handle flowery drinks.
Mini Jamaican patties-veg HKD$60:

These patties are basically mini pasties filled with finely chopped vegetables in the middle paired with a dip.
Jerk chicken served with carnival salad, rice and peas HKD$125:

This dish was divine because the chicken was amazingly soft and juicy and the taste was complex because it was sweet, sour and fiery.
The carnival salad was just like a colourful carnival because it had carrots and purple cabbage which made it vibrant.
For the rice and peas I was looking for the peas but peas actually means beans in Caribbean style food.
Anyway, the rice was heaven because there was so much Thyme in it which made it really fragrant.
Curry goat HKD$140:

The rice and salad were the same as above.
The curry goat was quite bony but the curry was addictive because there was thyme, cumin and fiery scotch bonnet peppers that made it appetizing.
[The scotch bonnet peppers are grown locally by Mandy herself!!]
Caribbean dips HKD$55:

This was pita bread and crudites served with three colourful dips: flamingo, Shado beni and Solomon gundy.
The Flamingo was my favourite because the colour was pretty, it was made with gorgeous beetroots and my favourite cumin spice.

The Shado Beni had a strong raw carrot taste to it.

The Solomon gundy was nice and fruity because it had mango.

Trinidadian potato salad HKD$20:

Once you've had this, ordinary potato salads won't taste good anymore because this one is so flavourful with spring onions, herbs and lots of other herbs!!
Socca beef stew HKD$130:

The beef stew was just as good as the goat curry, again with lots of spices.
Feeling hot HKD$65:

Spicy beef and tomatoes cooked with scotch bonnets.
The beef was spicy which was sweet and fiery with onions in it.
Corn bread HKD$20:

The cornbread was sweet and savoury so it was a bit confusing for my tastesbuds.
I can't wait to come back again for the Jerk chicken, goat curry and new dishes but Sai Kung town has major transportation problems.
Hopefully there will be less people in the winter.

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