Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Modern style roast suckling pig at BJ-Roaster!

I would have tried this earlier but there were so many dishes I wanted to try so went with more people.

There is an open kitchen where you can see the Chefs preparing the roast duck.

The roast suckling pig can also be seen being roasted through the window and you can feel the heat from it too.

Video of the the suckling pig being roasted.

The menu was good because the food was modernized which attracts people like me who are not keen on traditional Chinese food.

Here was what we had:
Hutong style crispy roasted pig:
It was a delight to order this because it was presented nicely on a wooden board, everything was neatly sliced and cut.
As well as cucumber, there was melon too to accompany the crispy roasted pig.
This is basically a Hutong suckling pig eaten in a Beijing style way wrapped in a pancake.
They give you honey mustard sauce as well as the traditional BBQ sauce with a side of salad in sesame dressing.

Personally I like traditional BBQ sauce but jam, English mustard or Dijon mustard would also taste great with it.
Anyway the pork was amazingly crispy and the fat was burnt off leaving deliciously crispy skin and tender pork which tasted so good with the sweetness of the melon, cucumber and the smokey BBQ sauce.
Sliced crispy pig with osmanthus pudding:

This was the winner of all dishes!!!
The presentation was amazing with golden jelly in the middle.
I liked the layers of cracker, jelly, cucumber and pork but the only problem was that it was a bit fiddly to eat which I resolved by biting into two layers at a time.
The savouriness of the pork paired with crisp cucumber slices and sweet osmanthus pudding was just bliss and the crunch of the cracker on the bottom gave it more mouthfeel.
Barbecued peking duck:

The duck skin was glistening and crispy with duck meat as well which made it satisying to eat.
green salad with sesame dressing

The salad in the modern metallic bowl was delicious because the sauce was strong and you could taste quite a bit of peanut butter which strangely tasted nice in the salad.
beancurd rolls with minced wild vegetables

This was pretty and delicious, there was a fragrant sesame oil taste contrasted by the grassy vegetables and a slight hint of coriander.
Vegetarian beancurd duck:

This was diced mushrooms and vegetables in a beancurd roll which I found impressive because the beancurd was delicious and crispy with moist juicy vegetable filling.
marinated chicken in Chinese wine

The chicken was a bit bony but the texture of the chicken was really good because it was firm and meaty infused with fragrant Chinese wine.
supreme soup with bamboo shoots

Soup is always a must in a Chinese meal, I enjoyed it because it had nice flavours coming from the pork and beancurd pieces.
deep fried prawns with salted egg yolk

The prawns were huge, coated in delicious salty and crispy egg yolk, but it would be great if the shell was removed to make it easier to eat.
fish fillets in hot chili oil:

To be honest the fish was too spicy because I tried it with the tip of my tongue and it was just too spicy for me.
pork ribs in plum sauce

The ribs are sweet and sticky which would make a great dish for children.
shredded peking vegetable:

A must for any meal, plain stir fried vegetables which are crisp and sweet.
Shanghai style dumplings

The dumplings were bursting with meat broth which was delicious with the addition of vinegar to balance the heaviness.
pan fried pork bun

These buns are interesting because they are soft on the top with a crispy pan fried base filled with juicy minced pork.
signature fried rice

The fried rice was full of goodness because there was quite a bit of ginger in it giving it a delicious fiery kick.
peking style hand made pastry

The hand made pastry was similar to roti but flakier which would be great with curry sauce or sweet and sour sauce.
jasmine dragon pearls

Their tea selection was huge with some teas from Africa and Taiwan.
Mine was Jasmine which was fragrant and got stronger as it stood.
Deep fried souffle ball stuffed with mochi

These souffle balls were a treat because they had mochi inside which gives it an interesting chewy filling with sweet icecream inside the mochi.
Overall the whole experience was good and I loved the modern presentation and the use of Western ingredients to enhance the taste.

8 Yan King Rd, Tseung Kwan O
2377 4338

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