Monday, November 24, 2014

You're not alone

One evening I was having dinner at Shanghai Lo at 8pm so before that I had plenty of time so decided to go Karoake before that.
When I got to Neway, I had Shanghai Lo confused with Lo Shanghai because the Chinese letters are the same but in different order.

Ironically, both these restaurants have a Karoake bar in the same building.
Shanghai Lo has Neway in the same building while Lo Shanghai has Red MR.

Anyway, registered for a room and it was kind of embarassing because I quiety said a room for one and the girl at the counter had to bloody repeat it loud and clear which got the other peoples attention!

The girl at the reception was promoting the most expensive package to me which I didn't need because I was having dinner afterwards so I didn't really want the stupid buffet.
I asked if there was any cheaper package and she suggested the happy hour which lasts for an hour and a half including one drink which was perfect for me.

Settled down and ordered the green tea which turned out to be too sweet and it tastes different to the ones they served before.

I used to think its weird to go alone but ever since top blogger Marshy went alone I decided to try it for myself so to all you serious singers out there, you are not alone!
There are so many advantages going alone!
You can stop/repeat/jump songs whenever you want and you can hear your voice clearly and concentrate more.

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