Sunday, November 30, 2014

EDO Japanese Restaurant from Macau

Tried the Lunch and Seasonal specials at EDO Japanese Restaurant.

For lunch had the whole grained soba salad from Yamagata in salad style and weekend oyster lemon hotpot.
whole grained soba salad from Yamagata in salad style
The soba was jazzed up with the julienne Chinese radish and carrots which gave it extra crunch, after adding the sesame sauce, the noodles were nice and tasty.
oyster lemon hotpot:

This was delicious, there was oysters in a simmering pot with lemons slices which made the oysters very appetizing.

From the seasonal menu, tried the following:

Seko crab
Thin sliced horse head fish
Suppon turtle in tofu soup
Lobster with truffle sauce
Seko crab:

This was a beautifully presented box with crab and roe in it.
Thin sliced horse head fish:
I thought that this dish was creative because it was thinly sliced fish with the sauce made from the liver of that fish which was rich and creamy.
Suppon turtle in tofu soup:
As I am not an expert on Japanese food I thought that this was Chinese because it had turtle in it, but after looking it up, it turns out they really do have turtle soup.
It was interesting because I have never tried Turtle before and my first time trying it was in a Japanese restaurant.
The soup had a strong herbal taste because this soup is supposed to warm people up in the winter.
Lobster with truffle sauce:
The lobster was mixed in creamy truffle sauce and the texture of the lobster was springy.
The dessert ended with creamy Hokkaido milk pudding and the best Warabi cake I have ever tried because it was really soft coated in delicious bean powder.
J Plus Hotel by YOO
Edo Japanese Restaurant
1F, 1-5 Irving Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2643 3033

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