Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Singaporean tea time at Cedele

Previously tried Cedele in Sheung Wan which offers pastas, burgers, sandwiches and cakes.

The branch at Elements is slightly different because it is more casual and laid back.

They offer sandwiches:


Hot options:


There is a self service bread corner with olive oil and basalmic vinegar.
(They have paper bags for people who are not dining there).

Here was what I had:
Shroom flatbread:

Tried the shroom flatbread which was filled with cheese, mushrooms, lettuce and peppers.
It was nice and light for lunch.
Pork belly and salad:

The pork belly was not crisp enough but the pickled cabbage that came with it was really nice.
You also get to choose two salads so I chose potato salad and the tofu beans salads.
For the tofu beans salad there was only one piece of tofu on the plate.
Mushroom soup:

The mushroom soup was creamy and earthy.
Apple and pumpkin soup:

The apple and pumpkin soup was really nice because the apple was quite strong and refreshing.
Portobello mushroom quiche:

The quiche was delicious because there were lots of pieces of mushrooms in it.
Chocolate berry cheesecake:

The berry cheesecake was balanced nicely with chocolate cake in the middle which made it less heavy.

Pandan cake:
natural pandan sponge cake sandwiched between own made egg custard, pandan frosting finished with fragrant coconut shreds. Unrefined sugar and grapeseed oil used.

The pandan cake was really fancy which makes it different to the chiffon ones because it had a lovely strong taste and smell of pandan.
In the middle the kaya paste and the coconut shreds topping on top made it more coconutty.
Pandan woopie:

The pandan woopie was also gorgeous, it was dense pandan cake sandwiched with kaya paste in the middle.

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