Friday, November 21, 2014

Local chicken pot with fun

Eating Plus Company Limited (Shau Kei Wan)

Havent had chicken pot for ages so decided to have it again with local friends.

The restaurant was located in a food alley near the MTR station.

While I dined there, the environment was lively and it was interesting watching the locals and listening to their conversations.

We had some appetizers to begin with.
The golden eggs were divine with creamy molten yolk in the middle and the egg white was golden yellow jelly.

The spices were not too spicy which meant I could enjoy these preserved eggs.
I loved the molten yolk and it was hard to not eat them all.

The pork slices were better than anticipated because they were leaner than the usual ones.

Anyway, had the $148 chicken pot which had half a chicken in it.

After it was cooked, we started on the chicken which was tender and tasty.

I really liked their Chongqing chicken pot recipe because it had all the spices and flavours without being too salty.

During the meal, we had the home made prune drink which had a smoky taste and it was not too sweet.

After all the chicken was finished, we had the pot filled with chicken soup and it was hotpot time.
Here were the items we put in our hotpot.

Fried beancurd skin rolls


potato noodles

bamboo piths



Mixed meatballs

The potato noodles were great because they had a lovely elastic texture and absorbed the delicious flavourful broth.

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