Friday, November 21, 2014

Relaxed restaurant in the midst of Mong Kok 心之町。。扒房餐廳

Mong Kok is a such a crowded and busy city that it is hard to find a comfortable place to dine.

Behind the stalls at Ladies Market lies this lovely place for a comfortable gathering.

They do steaks and a variety of dishes.

Next time when people ask me to recommend a place in Mong Kok I shall recommend them here because the prices are affordable and the portions are huge especially the steaks which are good for sharing and guys will love meat any day!

They had really nice plates too.

Here was what we had:
Black cow $22:

This is basically an icecream float. In Hong Kong, they called them "Cows"!!
There are three colours: Black cow, red cow and yellow cow.
The black is coke paired with chocolate icecream, the red is lemonade paired with strawberry icecream and the yellow is cream soda paired with vanilla icecream.
The yellow cow is probably the best but I chose the black cow because I felt like some chocolate icecream.
After mixing it, the taste was really good.
Fried Chicken cartilage $22:

For $22 that was quite an impressive portion, but they were a bit soft.
Loaf of bread stuffed with seafood $78:

This is great for sharing and there was so much seafood crammed in the middle, the curry sauce is served separately which is good.
Pork Chops $68:

Again, two huge pork chops for $68, that is pretty amazing.
They were soft and juicy, after pouring the black pepper sauce, they tasted even better.
Sirloin steak, fish and mussels $78:

I was quite full but I had most of the steak because it was tender and juicy!
Escargots baked with mash and cheese $26 :

The mash was slightly salty so I told the kitchen.
Hopefully it won't be so salty next time.

On my next visit, I plan to have steak and escargots!!

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