Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Instant noodles in mock sharks fin soup at 旦記小食

Came accross this interesting old mall while I was in the area.
Initially I thought it was just a mall selling mobile phone accessories and clothes but at the far corner I found this really old style snack joint.

Stopped by and tried instant noodles in mock sharks fin soup.
Instant noodles in mock sharks fin soup:

When I ate it, the noodles reminded me of some Indonesian pot noodle because the broth was as thick as that.
The instant noodles were a bit foamy for my liking because it was the Indonesian brand which has that texture.
Anyway, the noodles were quite likeable because the broth was not that salty and it probably would have tasted better if I added vinegar.
It was fun slurping the noodles in viscous broth which makes it similar the British pot noodles.
I definitely would like to try it again and eat it faster because the soup goes runny after a while.
Shop 122, 1/F, Kwun Tong Plaza, 
68 Hoi Yuen Road Kwun Tong.

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