Thursday, November 13, 2014

Undiscovered spot for great gatherings at Casa Pennington

This place is located on the 3rd floor of the Pennington hotel but easily missed despite its grand hotel entrance which is often blocked by hoards of people lining up for the bus on a NARROW pavement which is only wide enough for one person.

After battling my way past the people, I arrived at a nice tranquil restaurant with a seafood bar.

We had quite a feast that night.

Here was what we had:

Started with oysters from France.
We had La Boite a Bijoux and the Gillardeau.

One had a sweeter note at the end while the other one was strong and salty.
Every night, there are six different oysters that are on a buy one get one free promotion.
Crabe Tourteau:

To be honest, I just enjoyed the crab roe part and the grey matter which had a rich and strong crab taste with a seawater taste.

Scampi from South Africa:

It was visually stunning to see the whole scampi in its beautiful coral pink shells.

The scampi was sweet and springy that it did not require any seasoning.
Duck Foie Gras Linguini:

This was my favourite, I loved the al-dente linguine tossed in the oil from the foie gras.
On top, there were so many pieces of foie gras.
I think it would taste nicer if there was a hint of black pepper or some chili flakes.
Daily special - Coq au Vin:

The chicken was tender with a strong wine taste paired with creamy mash beneath it.
Lemon Tartufo - lemon custard, fresh fruits:

This was the best dessert in terms of presentation and taste.
It was light and airy with a refreshing zesty taste.

black chocolate fondant:

Loved this rich gooey dessert with chocolate oozing from the middle.

3/F, Hotel Pennington by Rhombus, 
13-15 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, H.K. Causeway Bay

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