Friday, November 21, 2014

New look and new dishes at Yue Mic Ka

Yue Mic Ka used to be a few doors away, but the new branch is bigger and better with more dishes to choose from.

It used to be boring rice noodles but now they have RISOTTO!!!!
They have Squid ink risotto too which I shall try next time.

After a tiring day, celebrity chef suggested to dine here because the fish broth is MSG free and the rice in broth was healthy and filling.

Here was the food we had:
Red rice and vegetables in tomato soup:

This is vegetarian which makes it a brilliant choice for green Mondays.
It was red rice in delicious tomato broth and lots of vegetables.
Rice noodles with fishcurd and vegetables:

This is their signiature noodles with their famous fishcurd in fish soup which does not contain MSG.
The broth was creamy with a strong fish taste.
Fishcurd and soft pork bone risotto:

The soft pork bone risotto was amazing because the rice was really tasty and flavoured by the gelatinous pork bones.
If you're dining alone and feel like having a feast, they have a royal banquet dinner for one so you can feast yourself!

Royal banquet dinner:

There are four main choices:
-Fishcurd, scallop and chicken in fish soup
-Meat and vegetable dumpling, mushrooms in fish soup
-Prawns, soft pork bones with rice noodles.
-Cod, vegetarian abalone with rice noodles.

After choosing the mains, you get to choose one of the following:

魚腐 Fried fish curd with clam sauce:

Shunde style deep fried milk 順德心軟鮮奶:

鎮江排骨 Zhenjiang spare ribs:

酒燒雞翼 chicken wings glazed with wine:

Personally I liked the fried milk because it was crispy with delicious milk curd in the middle and the chicken wings.
For some people, dining alone is definitely not an option, so they also have the big bowl feast (poon choi) which you can order in advance to eat at home and it is available every day of the year!!!!

The highlight of the big bowl feast is that it comes with fish broth which you put in like a hotpot.

Poon choi:

With all the new items, I can't wait to try the other items.
Yue Mic Ka:
Shop 1015, Level 1, Metro City, Phase II, 8 Yan King Road, Tseung Kwan O

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