Friday, November 21, 2014

The new look of The Spice House!

The Spice House (Wan Chai)

A few months ago I thought they were closed down but luckily they were renovating it because I love their food.

After renovation, the restaurant is more spacious and it looks like the other branch on Amoy Street.

I was relieved to see the menu was the same and had more variety than the Amoy Street branch.
Prices have gone up which is better than seeing them close down.

On the table, they have the same condiments.

Open kitchen area.

The thing that I miss after renovation is the self service water because it was fragrant pandan flavoured water.
Fried rice:

Had the chicken fried rice which was as good as before, the grains of rice were distinct.
Every mouthful was delicious with pieces of tender chicken.
After adding vinegar to it, the fried rice was more appetizing.

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