Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Starbucks deformed red velvet cake

Although LLWL has reviewed this, I still wanted to try it even though I knew the taste was going to be bad.
There were quite a few in the cabinet and one was deformed with the filling exposed.

I knew I was going to served the deformed one but I couldn't be bothered to ask her for a different one as I knew it wasn't going to taste good.

Here was my deformed red velvet cake.

deformed red velvet cake:

The taste was weird, and the cake was dense and mushy with a strong buttery smell and taste.
As it was deformed the filling was not runny but it a thick paste!
There are no other words to describe the taste other than a dough taste with smelly butter.
It reminded me of Kid's Calpol fever medicine which is thick and has a bright pink colour.
For Xmas I would have appreciated berries and not red beans on top because I hate red beans!
Although the cake was crap, the Xmas drinkware was quite nice.

My favourite one!

The bill: $38

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