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Omakase at Sushi Zen

Sushi Zen (Jordan)

The idea of a Omakase restaurants is that you can interact with the chefs.

Quoted from Wiki:
Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means "I'll leave it to you" (from Japanese "to entrust"). In American English, the expression is used at sushi restaurants to leave the selection to the chef. The chef will generally present a series of plates, beginning with the lightest fare and proceeding to heaviest, richest dishes.
The phrase is not exclusive to service of raw fish with rice, and can incorporate grilling, simmering, or other cooking techniques as well.
Customers ordering omakase style expect the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes, and the meal can be likened to an artistic performance by the chef. Ordering omakase can be a gamble; however, the customer typically receives the highest-quality fish in stock at a less expensive cost than if it had been ordered à la carte.

At Sushi Zen, there were two sets to choose from: Bamboo or Pine.

Bamboo $480:
2 Appetizers, 2 kinds of sashimi, grilled dish, 3 pieces of assorted sushi, 1 chopped fatty tuna roll, miso soup and dessert
Pine $780:
2 Appetizers, 5 kinds of sashimi, simmered dish, grilled dish, 5 pieces of assorted sushi, 1 chopped fatty tuna roll, miso soup and dessert
To begin with, we had kelp and finely grated radish strands placed in front of us.
They were there as refreshers when the sashimi got a bit heavy.

We began our Omakase journey with the appetizers.
Started off with prawn with salmon roe and wasabi.

It was followed by a thick meaty scallop which was semi seared.

Then came the sashimi:
The Halibut slices were translucent and delicate paired with a refreshing sauce.

The Conch had a lovely crisp texture and it didn't really need sauce because it was sweet.

Then came the Horse mackerel with spring onion and ginger sauce which had a lovely spring onion and gingery taste with a hint of soy sauce.

The Striped jack was a little difficult to eat because of the skin.

This was my favourite because the Fatty tuna just melted in your mouth with a creamy taste.

Simmered dish:

If you go for the pine set, then you get a simmered dish which varies on every visit because omakase is different everytime.
It was delicious fish mixture at the base which had an interesting starchy texture covered in a light gravy.
The prawn and sea urchin were fresh and light.
Grilled dishes:
The Fish with crispy rice came with the Bamboo set.
I loved the crispy rice which gave the fish more mouthfeel and a roasted flavour.

The beef wagyu was served with the other set.

Assorted sushi
Began with my favourite arc clam sushi which has a really nice metallic taste.

The botan shrimp was huge and sweet with bursts of flavour coming from the salmon roe.

grilled seared muscle sushi which melts in your mouth!!

The sea urchin warship was creamy wrapped in crisp laver sheets.

The grilled fatty tuna was just as good as fatty tuna sashimi because it was tasty and melts in your mouth with a lovely charred taste.

Tuna roll:

The tuna roll was unique because it was different to the ones I had because it had pieces of pickled radish with made it refreshing and less heavy with a nice crunch.
Prawn head miso soup:

The soup had pieces of prawn roe in the soup which made it rich but the prawn flavour was not strong enough.

It was milk pudding with green tea sauce and red beans.
The taste was so yummy and the milk pudding was really silky and creamy with a fragrant coconut taste because there was roasted dessicated coconut in it.
The green tea sauce was not too bitter or grassy which was great with the creamy pudding.

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