Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Great Shanghainese food at Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade has many restaurants and the dining environment is spacious and comfortable.
The menu has many languages including English so it is a great place to bring expats.

There were so many nice items on the menu that it was hard to choose so in the end I ordered the following.
crispy eel $64:

The pieces of eel were crispy and boneless with a sweet taste.
vegetarian beancurd rolls $54:

The vegetarian rolls were presented nicely, they were crispy filled with delicious vegetables.
deep fried salt n pepper small croaker $76:

If your good with bones, this fish was delicious because it was crispy with a delicious salt and pepper coating while the fish is soft and silky.
sauteed spinach with beans $58:

The spinach had a nice garlic taste with delicious beans in it.
stewed bean starch sheets with full cream crab roe $92:

This was my favourite and must be eaten quickly because the crab roe tastes better hot.
The elastic bean starch sheets were flavoured with delicious crab and crab roe.
mushroom and crab meat pastry $38:

These pastries were moreish filled with minced pork and crab.
Noodles topped with hairy crab roe $68:

Finished off with the noodles which were amazing because the noodles were nicely flavoured when it was mixed with the rich crab roe.
As the noodles stood they clump together so they have soup for you to pour on top which helps loosen them.
Again, this is topped with crab roe which is best eaten hot.
Overall a great place to dine with reasonable prices.
Crystal Jade
3/F, Tai Yau Plaza, 
181 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai,

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