Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Sama Soup curry from Sapporo

Decided to try this place because they offer soup curry from Sapporo.
Their mascot is a hungry bear which reminded me of the tiger at Tiger Curry when I saw this bright yellow logistics van on the way there.
Currently, there are a Jungle of curries in Hong Kong with nearly every beast including Tiger Curry, Cat's eye curry and not to mention the insect world's bee curry!!

It is a compact shop on Gough Road.

The menu has a golden cover with the hungry bear at the front.

Inside the menu, it shows an introductory about the soup curry.

There are three different bases for the curry soup:
tomato, coconut and prawn.

After choosing the broth you select the level of spiciness.

They had green tea salad on the menu which I am going to try next time.

There are two portion sizes: regular/half.
You then choose rice or udon to go with the curry.
It would have been helpful if they told me the rice was unlimited because the rice that went with the half portion was actually quite tiny so I ordered gyozas because I was still hungry.
The only difference between the regular and half is the curry portion, the rice portions are the same.
I felt that the half portion was very sufficient because it was quite salty so more rice was preferable.
Natto curry with prawn broth:

The natto curry with prawn broth was amazing because the soup was very viscous but you could not eat much of it because it was really salty which was why I need more rice.
There was lots of Rosemary in it and aromatic green peppers as well as okra which made it taste like Western casseroles.
The minced meat in the curry was good too because it was fresh and didn't have any weird taste.
Tomato broth curry with chicken:

The tomato broth curry was disappointing because it was very sweet and tasted like Chinese style Western onion soup with pureed onions and not much tomato taste to it.
The chicken leg was smaller than my expectation but it was lovely and soft.
For this one I chose the udon which I did not like because it was chewy and sweet.
It would be great if they had ramen or soba as a choice or proper inaniwa udon which has a thinner strand.

The gyozas had too much garlic puree and it was like eating a crispy gyoza filled with garlic puree.
51A Gough Street, Central

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