Monday, November 03, 2014

A very messy mini softserve cone from Softree

Softree is a Korean brand of softserve.

They serve softserve with a variety of choices including:
honey comb
guerande salt

In Korea, they have mini sweet potatoes as well which are probably expensive to import, hence not on the menu.
It is nice that they have guerande salt on the menu because their competitors don't have it.

As I was having dinner later that night, I got the mini cone just to see what the softserve tastes like.

There are two mini cone flavours: Strawberry or chocolate.

Mini cone:

To be honest the mini cone is cute but they gave me too much softserve which made it top heavy and extremely difficult to handle.
Hopefully they will give me less next time so that the softserve will be proportional to the cone which would look really cute.

It was already dripping when they gave it to me so it was really fiddly to eat.
The softserve tasted like the ones that you buy from the icecream van.
It was sweet and milky but not thick.

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