Sunday, November 30, 2014

Japanese ricemania

As well as lunch, the dinner here is good.
My favourites were the rice dishes.

Sweet n sour miyazaki chicken tartar sauce
Started off with the chicken which was the usual chicken coated in batter served with tartar sauce.
The coating was a bit too soggy though.
Mizayazaki beef sashimi
The beef was delicately sliced and paired nicely with the grated ginger.
Tofu and avocado salad with homemade soy dressing
The salad was really good because of the dressing, the dressing was not a sauce but consisted of crispy fried ingredients which made the tofu and avocado tasty.
Steamed rice with zuwai crab in mini pot

This was my favourite because the rice absorbed all the sweetness from the crab and the grains of rice were soft but not clumpy.
Prawn tempura and cream cheese roll with bonito flakes
The rolls were nice because of the cream cheese.
Crispy potato salad with roasted sesame dressing
This was another good salad because the crispy potato pieces were really tasty.
Hakata cod roe fried rice
Last but not least, this was my favourite because the rice was soft and fried just right that each grain was coated with so much roe.
Drunken kuruma prawn
The prawn cooked in various of ways before it was served and they have cooked the little legs of the prawn and made them crispy to eat which will definitely go well with beer.
Finished the meal with Dumpling and red bean wafer and green tea icecream on wafer dish.
J Plus Hotel by YOO
Edo Japanese Restaurant
1F, 1-5 Irving Street
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2643 3033

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