Wednesday, September 12, 2012

100% Liver broth satisfaction that is PIPING HOT!

After eating at Hop Yick I was not that hungry so I wasn’t so bothered about queuing a long time for this restaurant to try their famous instant noodles with pig’s liver.
Finally got a seat so ordered the instant noodles with liver and before I even took my camera out the noodles had already arrived!

Even though it didn’t take a few minutes, there was so much hot steam coming from the noodles you could see how hot it was, but not yet hot enough to reach its fourth form Plasma!
Since the broth temperature was way above the boiling temperature it was a challenge to eat the noodles quickly before they went soft so I had to leave the livers last.

It was amazing to see all this hot air/steam coming off the noodles when you picked them up, I had to hold the noodles higher up in the air so that it had more surface area to cool.

I tried the soup and it was pure liver broth with some salt, it tasted exactly like the broth’s that Chinese families make to increase their diet with iron.

The spoon that was given was quite good too, it was rounded and could hold more contents.
The taste of the liver was great, they were thinly sliced and not bitter at all, there was a slight creaminess when you ate them.

After I finished noodles, the remaining broth still had piping hot air coming off it which was hard to photograph.
I have to come here again in the winter when it is not so hot and while I was there I found out that you can request to have the noodles hard which should give me more time to eat them before the rest goes soft.

They had toilets at this joint which was surprising.
On my way out I could understand why the temperature of the noodles and broth were almost going to reach Plasma State.
The fire was turned on to its max, the flames were almost taller than the saucepan and the saucepan was heated so much that contents inside were frothing and overflowing as if they applied nucleate boiling and superheating cooking these noodles.
For normal cooking no one would have the gas on that high, as there would be pretty much clean up afterwards on the stove and the evaporated liquid on the sides of the saucepan.

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