Monday, September 03, 2012

Wasabi tonkatsu @ Hakata Ippudo in Admiralty

Found out about this new branch of Ippudo while going to Arome Bakery Room.
Previously just tried the noodles at Ippudo in TST.
The items offered at different branches seem to be slightly different.

At this branch they had the Wasabi broth noodles which was not available at the TST branch so I tried that and I also tried the grilled gyozas and grilled tofu.
The music and air conditioning at this branch was of slight nuisance.

Wasabi tonkatsu
They did not have this at the TST branch so tried it here, the wasabi in the soup was really strong and surprisingly it tasted really nice and the broth was quite thick as well.
Compared to the product pictures, they could have been more generous with the wasabi leaves and spring onions.
Grilled gyozas
The gyozas were grilled just right and the skin was slighty crispy with juicy grounded meat inside.
Although they were nice, I felt that the gyozas at Hide Chan are better and the sauce that came with it was nicer too.
Grilled tofu with yam and cheese
Initially the dish looked really heavy but it tasted quite nice, the yam was very viscous and slimy and went well with the tofu, however the cheese was slightly over grilled.
Picked ginger - condiments
Compared to other ramen joints, this was the best pickled ginger because they did not taste sweet, it was savoury and sour.


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