Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy 35th anniversary to OCH and tks 4 da drinks

Found out it was their 35th anniversary and they are doing a lunch promotion for buy 1 get 1 free until the end of september 2012.
It was great because I love their food anyway!
Anyway ordered Bangers and Mash and Chef's Curry.
The pretty hostess said that there is only one free soup and drink for this promotion but she gave an extra drink which was nice.
Soup and Toast:
The soup was really nice, it was broccoli with big pieces of bacon in it, the broccoli taste was strong.
Bangers and Mash:
It was cumberland sausage and minted peas and gravy.
The cumberland sausage tastes stronger than pork sausages but since I prefer pork sausages I can't really comment, but the peas were nice and the gravy tasted nice.
Chef's Curry:
This was amazing, I loved the yellow rice and peas, the curry was also amazing just like the ones in UK.
The spicyness was just right and not too hot. It tasted like Tikka.
Lemon Tea:
The tea was good, lipton red tea with syrup and lemon added.

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