Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bring back Prawn king and fish king @ Butao Ramen

As expected the ramen tasted as good as my previous visits.
After I had the green king there was no thirstiness that I had last time.
I also tried the Red King as well which was my first time trying it and the spiciness levels were at its maximum, the spiciness was so strong that it affects the senses in your nose as well.
It is different from the Sichuan chilli, a tiny drop really packs a punch.
Just the ramen alone is the best compared to the rest and the texture of the ramen is really silky.

The only disappointment were the choices for the broth because I was hoping to try the fish king, tomato king and the prawn king but they no longer serve it and the curry one was sold out too.
However the customer service was good because they gave out tissues to the diners and for the ramen choices they now have a thicker noodle as well as the original thin Hakkata type.
butao brollies?
butao brollies?

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