Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not my choice for dim sum @ One Dim Sum 一點心

Came here randomly so only ordered a few items and luckily only ordered a few because they were not that nice.
Apparently this restaurant was in Michelin's list but I did not find it delectable.
There is no service charge but $3 for Chinese tea.
Rice rolls with dried shrimp and spring onions:
The portion was nice and big, but it was too oily and cold.
BBQ Pork rice rolls:
The pork was fibrous and chewy.
BBQ pork buns:
The dough they used was extremely chewy after it had been baked.
The buns ended up too sweet because syrup was dripped on the top before they served it.
Chicken feet and spareribs:
Piping hot but too salty.

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