Monday, September 17, 2012

Chomp chomp yummy pickled Chinese radish @ 劉森記麵家

Shop: Lau Sum Kee

Apart from Wai Kee’s this is another famous place for noodles in Sham Shui Po, they are famous for noodles with dried shrimp roe sprinkled on top served with black ox tripe.

As well as the noodles they are famous for the pickled white radish too.

I am not fond of ox tripes so I ordered the noodles with beef tendons.
Tasted like MSG soup!
Noodles with beef tendons sprinkled with prawn roe:
The noodles were lovely and soft and adhered lots of sauce and dried shrimp roes so it was delicious.
However there was lard in the mixture so I had to eat them fast because when they cooled down, you can smell the lard.
The soup that was included was useful for rinsing off the lard if you did not like it.
The beef tendons were soft and gelatinous and full of flavour.
I really loved chomping these chunky Chinese white radishes because they were lightly pickled and there was still some raw radish taste in it.
They were really refreshing and balanced out the lard from the noodles.
Although they were pickled with chili’s the radish was not spicy.
The jars of pickled Chinese white radishes were passed round the tables because they did not seem to have enough jars for every table.
In my opinion not many places in Hong Kong serves noodles with shrimp roe for this price hence this place stands out because it offers it and does not taste too bad.
The last decent noodle shop I tried with dried shrimp roe was 楊記麵家 Yeung's Noodle in Wan Chai, which was also cheap.

My review @ Yeung’s

Next time I will come back and try the noodles in soy sauce.

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