Monday, September 17, 2012

Affogato @ JHD American Gourmet & Bar

JHD's has been opened for quite a while in Sham Shui Po but there were always things to eat before I got to it.
Again I was full this time but decided to look at the menu for fun.

The Affogato which was a drink stood out on the product shot menu, so I got that.
I am not a coffee lover but it had ice-cream so I decided to get that.
At this joint you have to order and pay first at the counter and then find a seat and sit down.
Near the counter there were some green plants/trees which was relaxing and a change of scenery.
Forgot to take a picture of the product shot but they had rainbow sprinkles which I do not like so I asked for it without.
When it arrived the hot coffee was in a separate glass and the other glass had the ice-cream and marshmallows.
The hot coffee was poured on the ice-cream infront of you.
The ice-cream melted quite quickly leaving some marshmallows floating on top.
Overall I quite liked it even though I do not drink coffee because of the sweetness of the icecream was balanced out by the extreme bitterness of the coffee.

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