Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trying my luck again with the runny egg with wine @ 壹碗麵

After dining here two years ago I decided to try my luck again with the egg with runny centre with wine.
On my last visit, it was not runny and the Chef admitted that, so this time I was hoping it would be runny just like photographs in the other reviews.
As well as that there were other new items to try such as the Chinese radish in soup and the ox tripe with squid.

Egg with runny centre with wine:
When it came, I was really impressed because there was a generous amount of wine compared to my last visit.
This time I could drink it as well as having sufficient amount of wine with the eggs.

The egg white was slightly cracked so I was really hoping the yolk was still runny!!
I know the egg white and egg yolk were meant to be eaten together, but I ate the egg white first because I wanted to see if the yolk would burst by eating it like that.
Obviously it didnt, so the yolk was not as runny as it should have been.
I was able to detach the yolk completely from the egg white.

This time the yolk was runnier than my first visit only 20% of the yolk was hard boiled which is the bottom part of the yolk that you can't see.
Anyway, it was delicious and I will be back for another one and eat it the proper way.
Ox tripe with squid:
Although this was simple blanched ox tripe and squid that was not seasoned before hand, I liked it because it was clean.

When it was served there was simple soy sauce, spring onions and sesame on it which tasted nice but after adding the sauce as instructed it tasted really nice, especially the tripes.
I really liked the way the tripes had been sliced thinly so it is more manageable to eat. The ox tripe had been cleaned thoroughly there was no smell. The squid was slightly chewy though.
You can actually get these from street stalls but since I get food poisoning easily I generally avoid it even though it is considerably cheaper.

Hard boiled egg - May 2010:
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