Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dim Sum Indulgence that could be more adventurous

Found out about this place from the reviews, the dim sums looked interesting.

Between Tin Hau and Fortress Hill, there are many other all-day dim sums but I chose this place because the dim sums are not that traditional and it also had a nice English name.
The Chinese name reminded me of Jacky Yu’s Xi Yan restaurants.

On the wall they have a picture of a chef that is interesting because the Chef looks Caucasian so I wonder if the Chef is Caucasian because the name of this restaurant sounds Western.
I do hope one day that they have WESTERN dimsums like UK. Most of the dimsums can be ordered in portions of 2 pieces or more so you can try out more varieties.

Ordered: Har Gau, King of Shaomai, Shaomai with wasabi and tomato, Roast pork, thousand year egg, pickled ginger puffs, Deep fried beancurd rolls with prawn, deep fried savoury meat croquette and spare ribs and chicken feet rice.

Shaomai with wasabi and tomato: I think they got this inspiration from Tim Ho Wan because THW has a deep fried shrimp and pork dumpling croquette with wasabi.
The pieces of pork in the shaomai are not grounded but pieces of whole pork in the shaomai.
The wasabi element was good because it takes away the taste of pork.
Har Gau: The prawn dumplings tasted how they should and the prawn dumpling skin stayed intact.
King of Shaomai: This was the same as the above but without wasabi and tomato.
Roast pork, thousand year egg, pickled ginger puff: Surprisingly this was really nice, roast pork with pickled ginger so it tasted sweet.
Deep fried beancurd rolls with prawn: This was nice with whole pieces of prawns in it, but not as good as Lin Heung Tea house because this one contains MSG.
Spare ribs and chicken feet rice: The spare ribs were really soft and it must have been mixed with cornstarch for too long as the meat was pink.
Deep Fried Savoury Meat Croquette: This was overdone, the croquette was rock hard and oily.
Chili oil: The chili oil must have gone off because it was not spicy.
Over the food is OK and fairly cheap but the only problem was that it was too oily.

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