Wednesday, September 12, 2012

麥菲茶餐廳 Mathy dishes in 2012 versus 2011

The dishes here in general taste good and the Chef has been very creative, however the Chef seems to have changed lately because the dishes have not been so creative.
Some dishes have been repeated on the menu such as the pickled vegetables with pork belly hakga style but not as good as it was a year ago.
Hope the food will taste like it did a year ago because there is a serious competitor nearby.
Pickled vegetables with pork belly hakga style:
The 2011 version was much better, the sauce was like gravy and the pickled vegetables were more prominent.
The 2012 version is very watery and it only had one type of pickled vegetables, in 2011 there were two different types.
Althought this is Hakga Style, I have tried the real thing at a Hakga village and it contains wood fungas as well.
Crab with glass noodles - 2011
They offer a lot of crab dishes, the crab is fresh and meat comes off easily.
When the crabs are small, they will give you three.

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