Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wine Jelly and milk cubes @ Tak Fat Restaurant

Apart from Sham Shui Po, they have another restaurant in Kennedy Town, however the star Chef seems to cook at this branch.

This restaurant was on my wish list but since I did not know the restaurant name I could not locate it, I came here for the desserts only, but after sitting down and checking out the menu I am tempted to come here later for the Chinese dishes.
When I opened the door I was greeted by the a smiling guy in a Chef's coat, after sitting down and seeing the newspapers I realised he was the head chef.
Front shot of the smiling chef posted by an OpenRice member
Anyway ordered the Coconut milk cubes and the Red wine Jelly.

I wanted to order the beer jelly but it was sold out so tried the wine jelly.
As well as the beer jelly there were other items that I wanted to try such as the souffle so I guess I will have to leave it for my next visit.
Since it was the afternoon session, it came with a drink.
Coconut milk cubes:
These were cubes of smooth milk pudding coated in dessicated coconut.
The taste was really milky and not too sweet with the occaisional touch of coconut.
I would have like a lighter mousse texture.
Red wine jelly:
The red wine taste was extremely strong and the jelly texture was really light that it was almost not jelly form and it was more like gel.
Lemon tea:
The tea they used was very bitter.

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