Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Loving green tea and loving green vegetarian food

Although I am not a vegetarian I really love vegetarian food especially soy steaks and western style vegetarian because they are not greasy.
I was in Sheung Wan and suddenly decided to pop over to Sin Mei, on way my there I bumped into the owner.
Since my last visit, they now have a kitten and more food choices which are vegetarian.
The main thing I came for was the tofu burger and the Perrier series, however the tofu burger was sold out so I ordered the club sandwich instead and the Jasmine Blossom.

There are four drinks in the Perrier series: Jasmine Blossom, Loving Matcha, Rose Island, Honey on the rock.
The drinks not only sound fun but are made with a cocktail of ingredients that go nice together.
Since I ordered the sandwich it only costs $20 more for a drink smile
Matcha soul with rose:
This was a treat from the owners and not on the menu because the Matcha Soul original does not contain rose.
Jasmine Blossom:
I really liked this, it was visually stunning as expected with lovely Jasmine Sorbet.
It was not sweet either which was good and the lime and Jasmine were a refreshing and light combination.
Club Sandwich:
It smelt really nice! I think they have a talent cooking the eggs because last time I came here, someone else ordered eggs and you could smell it sitting a table away.
The egg in the sandwich was similar to scrambled egg, it was light and fluffy and I loved the tea leaves sprinkled on it too.
The vital ingredient to this perfect sandwich was the mayonnaise, it was proper mayonnaise and not Chinese salad cream.
The sandwich itself was great because the bread was embedded with lots of barley and it was crispy as well as light.
To try: Matcha affogato:
On my way out I spotted Matcha affogato which I must try next time!!
It would be fun pouring hot matcha on to icecream.

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