Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The world of Xiamen, mini wontons and treasures

I have always wanted to try this place because I like food made with Taro and there were lots of other weird and wonderful snacks as well.
However this place is not located near an MTR so you have to take the bus, but since I am not a bus person I took the ferry route to Kowloon pier from North Point.

When I sat down there were lots of magazine clippings on the wall which was expected but there was an English one which must of meant that it is quite good if you have an English publication featuring their Xiamen cuisine.
However there is no English menu!
Since this place serves jellied sand worms it reminded me of the other Mun Nan Style cuisine in North Point but the choice here is more extensive.

The prices here are relatively cheap but the portion sizes relate to its price, but since the portions are small you can try other items as well.
Taro and Chinese chives croquette:
The appearance was like a ball and the exterior of the croquette was rather hard.
Inside the croquette it was slightly hollow filled with chinese chives, on the interior or the croquette it had mashed pure taro which was dense and delicious.
It tastes better than the taro croquettes found in dim sum restaurants because it was less oily and there was less meat and the chives gave it a nice taste.
The only thing I did not like was that it tasted slightly sweet.
I was going to order the plain taro croquettes too which are sweet but since the savoury one was sweet as well it was the same thing without the meat and chives.
I ordered it because of the reviews and it tasted really nice.
I was expecting the octopus to be chewy and rubbery but it was so tender.
I could taste mustard in the sauce which went well with it.
There was chili sauce to go with it as well.
According to the reviews the octopus is not raw so it was cooked just right so that it is not chewy.
There was also pickled julienne carrots and chinese radishes but they tasted sweet as well.
Duck soup:
I really liked this soup and was surprised that they served this type of soup because it was made from lots of herbs such a dong gwai.
The soup was lovely and strong and tasted similar to Pork bone tea but better.
However it was slightly oily.
Stir-fried pork offal:
On the menu it said it was blanched but when it was served it had been stir-fried.
It was really nice because it was jazzed up with dried shrimps when it was cooked.
I did not eat the intestines or gizzards but the pork liver was good.
Sacha noodles with mini wontons:
I wanted to try the sacha noodles and the mini wontons and these noodles had both which was great.
There were lots of wontons. The wontons were basically pieces of pork inside them. In Chinese they are called Wontons but in Xiamen they are called "been siks"!! (interesting name!)
The sacha broth was nice and spicy.
Noodles with spring onions:
I was slightly disappointed with this because photos from the preview reviews show lots of spring onions on the top, however they were at the bottom of the bowl.
There were dried shrimps too which gave the noodles some flavour however the noodles were too soft for my liking.

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