Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ku Cool Durianlicious grass jelly drink @ 小甜谷

Although the main branch is in Tai Hang, I have never tried it before, but when I walked past this branch and looked at the menu they had various durian drinks, which seemed nice, so decided to try that.
There were other items I wanted to try such as the milk pudding but this is only available at the Tai Hang branch.

I did not know SiuTimGuk [Xiao Tian Gu] was opened by Jo but that explains why there is a GUK in the name and so many celebrity photos on the wall.
Durian drink with grass jelly:
When it came, almost half the cup was filled with grass jelly, which was rather generous.
I was really surprised it tasted nice and not too sweet, it was lovely and creamy and not icy.
They put real durian and not flavouring however I think they chose a durian that did not have strong flavours incase some people were not keen on Durian.
As well as grass jelly they also had some sago in the drink too.
All in all, it tasted like a lovely thick milkshake without the ice.
Chocolate pudding:
Again another surprise! The jelly was the reason why I got the pudding because the jelly was glistening like gold, but I could not taste any alcohol as mentioned in the other reviews.
Although there was no alcohol taste, the chocolate taste was really nice and chocolately because there was a good balance and cocoa and milk. There are some chocolate puddings that just taste of strong cocoa or just milky but this one tasted like melted Galaxy chocolate mixed with Gelatin.
When I put the spoon in it, I was surprised the dessert was quite firm to the extent that it came off the bowl cleanly.
The texture could be described as curded plastic or those steamed chinese puddings such as bootjaigo but with a really firm texture.
The orange jelly on top was even firmer than the pudding, which was quite appropriate, because it made chocolate pudding not so firm in comparison.
As well as jelly the pudding was topped with orange rind and crushed cashew nuts which also complemented the pudding nicely.

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