Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Everyone’s day made a breeze with a treat from ABR

Even since Arome Bakery Room opened I have been a fan of their bakery.

I have tried most of their products at the Popcorn branch but recently I tried their breakfast series that were delicious and there are a few new and exclusive cakes at this branch so I had to come back for it.
Initially IVYCWK gave me a buy 3 get 1 free coupon which I was going to use however when I got there the ones I wanted to buy were sold out so decided to get it another day.

However I was so lucky to get a chance to try their other cakes because Seaton could not make it and thanks to Mjqueenie7e and IVYCWK for bringing me along and last but not least the pretty representative from Arome Bakery Room.

When we got there, there was a hoard of people buying cakes. Admiralty is the best location so far because there are offices nearby where people can treat themselves to cakes during lunch or a cake after work. As well as cakes they also do breakfast which I tried earlier and they had salads and sandwiches too. Near the counter they had ginger syrups that are good for colds and they cost cheaper than buying them online.
They also had boxed teas for sale, which is an essential drink especially with cakes.
It would be good if the tea could be sold there as a beverage on the a la carte menu because I would certainly pay extra for that instead of the ordinary Hong Kong style teas and there are so many Westerners around that area too.
Although I haven’t tried the ginger syrup but that could be a winter drinks special.

I really think that Arome Bakery Room should have an independent website from Arome Bakery which is green and white because the branding is vastly different from the Arome Bakery line.
They already have nice pictures they could use on the website, which is similar to the Korean website Skinfood.
It would be a new and girly website made simple and there could be a section where you can click the cakes you want by its picture and select a time to collect, votes for the prettiest cakes, download wallpapers of the cakes and the theme of the shop etc.
Their branding is also successful because they have consulted Chieko Go from Japan who has been a successful consultant for famous cafes etc.

Anyway back to the cakes, I finally got to try the Sea Salt cinnamon and banana cake, mille feuille which are EXCLUSIVE at this branch!! I tried to get it before but it was always SOLD OUT!!!
But there are still other cakes I want to try such as the amazake cake.

Chocolate and passionfruit cake Last time I did not get to try this but it was good the chocolate mousse was not too sweet and the passionfruit layer was refreshing.
Mille Feuille exclusive at this branch In comparison to other Mille Feuilles, the size of this one was rather big and the custard filling was cool and soothing, the sweetness was just right.
The pastry was flakey but not too buttery which was good.
I was really surprised it tasted exactly the same as the ones in UK so I am definitely going to get it again if it is not sold out!
It would be good if there was another version using the same pastry, instead of custard they could have cream with some strawberry/raspberry jam and on the top layer iced (just like iced buns).
The mille feuille here is baked into large sheets approximately A4 size and cut into smaller pieces to make the mille feuilles.
It looks visually nice that one side of the top is dusted with icing sugar.
Chunky caramel mousse chocolate cake I tried this last because the taste was the strongest however I could not taste the caramel.
The crunchy bits were nice though.
Green tea eclair The eclairs have kept their standard, they look and taste the same as the ones at the TKO branch but there are less green tea leaves on top. The filling inside was silky smooth green tea filling flavoured custard.
Sea Salt cinnamon and banana cake exclusive at this branch The bottom layer was hazelnut egg white cake and it was filled with chunky banana pieces and lovely light buttercream that was white.
Initially I thought it was pieces of banana stuck at the sides of the cake but when I dug into the cake, the width of the banana pieces were same as the width of the cake!
All credits definitely go to the salted whipped buttercream because it was gently salted.
New French custard tarts ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
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