Wednesday, September 26, 2012

McDonalds Horlicks ice cream sundae

I don't often order McDonald's ice-cream because I don't like it but when they have new sauces or toppings I generally give it a try.
This time the topping was Horlicks which is a beverage that I do not drink so I was not expecting it to taste nice, but it turned out extremely nice!!!

For the Horlicks series they have: Horlicks Double sundae, Horlicks sundae and Horlicks McFlurry. I tried the Horlicks sundae which is the most basic one.
When I tried it, the taste was really nice and I managed to finish the whole cup as well.
The Horlicks powder was slightly savoury which took away the sweetness of the ice-cream, it also reminded me of extra fine digestive biscuit crumbs on the ice-cream.

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