Monday, September 03, 2012

Prime Shrimp burger @ Triple O's Hong Kong

Admittedly HKD$52 is quite expensive for a burger especially in a fast food chain where the seating is not intended for a long stay.
Anyway I love trying prawn burgers so I decided to try it.
The Prawn burger I had recently was at Bowl burger which was also quite expensive, however it tasted really similar to the Prawn and sesame toasts that you get at Chinese restaurants overseas!!

Anyway, the presentation of this one on the poster was really similar to the fish burger with a piece of lemon.
The prawn patty was quite thin but there were quite a few whole pieces of prawn in it.

The burger was a heavily toasted soft bun that went quite flaky after toasting, one side of the bun was slightly burnt.
The bun was smothered with tartar sauce and lettuce slapped on.
After adding the lemon it tasted really nice and I also added extra white vinegar on it too.
Triple O’s fish burger
Bowl burger's prawn burger
Maxim's & You's prawn burger
McDonald's prawn burger

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