Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Slice of Pizza served in a ▼gular shaped box

Previously this joint used to Uncle Hiros, anyway now they sell big slices of pizzas.
Every time I came past the pizzas looked rather burnt so I did not get it.

This time I walked past the pizzas looked OK but the display cabinet was not a heated one, so the pizza was reheated when I ordered it.

There were about five flavours ranging from $30-$40 per slice.
For $45 you can choose any slice of pizza which includes a drink and 2 chicken wings.
Before the pizza is the made, the pieces of dough are carefully cut into smaller pieces and weighed.
The pizza box was rather neat, it was triangular shaped to fit the individual slices.
Chicken tikka pizza:
The chicken tikka taste was not that strong, but the herbs were nice and strong.
There was lots of tomato sauce on the pizza, which was good, and the cheese was just right.
The chicken was slightly dry though.
Chicken wings:
They did not look as good as the product shot. They looked paler.
They were quite spicy but they were slightly dry and tasted unfresh.

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