Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Seaweed and chinese radish soup @ 金鑽車仔麵茶餐廳

Had the fried eggs and luncheon ham as usual and this time I added extra curry which costs $2.

The lunch comes with drinks which are the usual choices you get in Chinese cafes ie HK style tea, lemon tea etc so I changed it for the seaweed and chinese radish soup because the chinese radishes at this joint tastes really sweet.

It only costs $2 extra if you change from a drink to the soup.

seaweed and chinese radish soup:
As expected the Chinese radishes were naturally sweet and soft.
The seaweed was really clean that there was no sand.
I don't know why but the seaweed had a hint of rose taste in it.
The slight let down was that it was slightly too salty.
Curry sauce:
It was very coconutty and spicier than I expected.

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