Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delicious young coconut jelly @ 泰冬蔭 Thai Tom Yum

Noticed this tiny joint that sells Thai food at North Point market.
It reminded me of Ra Cha Moo Yang.
As there was no where to sit, I just got the desserts.

There were quite a lot of desserts but I chose the yellow pea dumpling and coconut jelly.
Yellow pea dumpling:
When I opened the box, there was a really pungent smell, the yellow peas were slightly off, but there was a small sachet of sugar with sesame and coconut to go with this because the dumpling itself is not sweet.
Apart from the smell it tasted ok, it was similar to the Chinese zhongzhi's with the yellow peas.
coconut jelly:
The jelly tasted the best, the texture of the jelly was soft.
On top of the jelly there were pieces of young coconut but it was green because of the colouring.
Overall I would get it again but I felt it was a tad too sweet.

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