Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Thanks a trillion with a Trillion Cherry Ganache

Shop : Thomas Trillion

Heard of this cake shop ages ago but never found it because on that road there are not many eateries.
Only happened to spot it across the road when I could not cross the road due to a red light. Went inside Thomas Trillion but as it was late that day, many of the cakes were sold out so I ended up getting chocolates.

The name Thomas Trillion reminded me of some kids’ story which I can’t quite remember.

From the chocolate section, the Cherry ganache looked the best because it was a chocolate covered cherry with a stalk, the shape of the chocolate was a perfect sphere with the cherry inside. It had a flat base so it could be displayed in the cabinet, which I forgot to take a picture of.

Decided to thank someone with chocolate so got the Cherry Ganache and since I wanted to try it myself I bought two.
For the other one I bought the gift box which costs $38, the gift box is similar to a jewellery ring box with one slot for the chocolate and tied with a ribbon, the box costs more than the chocolate. I really liked the cherry ganache and it was fun to eat, just like eating a real cherry but more delicious in terms of taste.
The liquor was nice and strong and the chocolate ganache coating was sufficient and not too sweet.

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